• because default settings are not good from security perspective I recommend remove all snmp configuration.
  • configure snmp information

(su)->set system name PL-SWITCH-2

system name

(su)->set system location PL,Katowice


(su)->set system contact “Adrian Danek”

contact name


  • configure snmp community for RO access (RW do not set up at all!) – SNMP version 1

(su)->set snmp community our_community

we created community name “our_community”

  • configure snmp group for snmp version 1

set snmp group ro user our_community security-model v1

in our case group name is ro but can be different

  • configure RO access for “our_community”

set snmp access ro security-model v1 exact read All notify All nonvolatile

we granted ALL read rights to community “our_community”

  • check configuration

PL-SWITCH-2(su)->show  snmp access
Group           = ro
Security model  = SNMPv1
Security level  = noAuthNoPriv
Read View       = All
Write View      =
Notify View     = All
Context match   = “default context” (exact)
Storage type    = nonVolatile
Row status      = active

PL-SWITCH-2(su)->show snmp group
Security Model                 = SNMPv1
Security/user name             = our_community
Group name                     = ro
Storage Type                   = nonvolatile
Row Status                     = active

PL-SWITCH-2(su)->show  snmp community
Security name    =our_community
Context          =
Transport tag    =
Storage type     =nonVolatile
Status           =active