• Enable netflow globally

(su)->set netflow cache enable

  • Set ip and udp port for netflow collector

(su)->set netflow export-destination 9999

Default is udp/2055

  • Set export-interval time

(su)->set netflow export-interval 15

Default is 30 minutes

  • Enable netflow for interesting ports,e.g.WAN and LAN

(su)->set netflow port ge.1.1-2 enable

By default all netflow is disabled on all ports

  • Set version of netflow protocol

(su)->set netflow export-version 9

Default is version 5

If you want to use version 9 you have to set templates

(su)->set netflow template refresh-rate 60

By default is 20 packets

(su)->set netflow template timeout 15

By default is 30 minutes


dzbanek 2012-05-26