• Copy new firmware from tftp server.

(su)->copy tftp://x.x.x.x/c3-series_06.42.07.0010 system:image

TFTP code transfer starting
….and we are waiting, especially our switch is in different location than tftp server.
Verifying CRC of file in Flash File System
TFTP receive complete… storing in Flash File System…


  • Set your new firmware as a active firmware.

(su)->set boot system c3-series_06.42.07.0010

This command can optionally reset the system to boot the new image.
Do you want to reset now (y/n) [n]?y
Checking firmware versions on stacking members
Saving Configuration to stacking members
Resetting system …


  • After reload login to switch and check firmware version.



(su)->show version

Chassis Firmware Revision


dzbanek 2011-11-03