• Dhcp snooping configuration-steps:

(su)->set dhcpsnooping enable

Enable dhcp snooping globally.

(su)->set dhcpsnooping database write-delay 1800

Enable delay for writing to database.

(su)->set dhcpsnooping vlan 2,5 enable

Enable dhcp snooping on vlans.

(su)->set dhcpsnooping log-invalid port ge.1.1-48 enable

Enable logging invalid packets.

(su)->set dhcpsnooping trust port ge.1.3 enable

Set “trust” ports,e.g.ports where dhcp server is connected,trunk connections between switches,etc.By default all ports are “untrust”.

(su)->set dhcpsnooping limit ge.1.1-48 rate 10 burst interval 15

Set limit dhcp packets/sec.

  • Monitoring dhcp snooping

(su)->show dhcpsnooping binding

Show relation between: ip,mac address,vlan,ports and lease.



(su)->show dhcpsnooping statistics



Show dhcp snooping stats.

(su)->show dhcpsnooping

Show dhcp snooping settings.

dzbanek 2012-04-23