• DHCP configurations-steps:

(su)->set dhcp enable

Enable dhcp server globally.

set dhcp pool voice network

Set dhcp pool called “voice” with network

set dhcp conflict logging

Enable logging for dhcp conflicts.

set dhcp exclude

Set addresses which should be excluded.

set dhcp ping packets 2

Set number of pings dhcp server will send to network to check if ip address is free or busy.

set dhcp pool voice dns-server

Set dns server for “voice” pool.

set dhcp pool voice domain-name corp.com

Set domain.

set dhcp pool voice default-router

Set default gateway.

set dhcp pool voice lease 8

Set the lease [days].


set dhcp pool rome option 242 ascii MCIPADD=10.x.x.5,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSRVR=10.x.x.60,VLANTEST=60,MSGNUM=2999


Set the option 242 (for Avaya phones) optional!


  • Monitoring dhcp server

show dhcp binding


show dhcp pool configuration all




show dhcp server statistics




Server dhcp on C3 has more advanced feature like client identifer, assigning ip to mac, netbios node,etc.

It is realy good alternative to standalone dhcp server.


dzbanek 2011-10-13